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24.5. | 10:00 | HU Berlin | Open lecture: Trystan Cotten: Middle Passages: Race, Space, and Migration in the African Diaspora

In this lecture Trystan Cotten will present preliminary findings from his ethnographic study of trans-identified men in the African Diaspora and engage in intersections of gender (particularly masculinity), race, space, nationalism, movement, and migration. The attempt is to theorize transsectionalities and transgender migrations by using ethnographic data of trans-identified men in the African diaspora whose gender transitions entail a number of different (simultaneous) migrations (gender, geographical, racial, and ethnic) and border-crossings.
Part one of this paper discusses the multiple layers of this shifting reality of transmen in the African Diaspora in the United States. The transitional trajectories of Black and brown bodies transitioning from female to male are confronted with a radically different social, economic, and political reality in the United States than most white trans masculinities, as Black masculinities been stereotyped as hypersexual, violent, and incorrigible menaces to society.

Trystan Cotten is Associate Professor of Gender and Ethnic Studies at California State University, Stanislaus where he teaches and conducts research on gender, sexuality, race, and global political economy. He has published several books in Gender and Ethnic Studies with his most recent being Transgender Migrations: The Bodies, Borders, and Politics of Transition (Routledge, 2011). He is founder and CEO of Transgress Press, a new social entrepreneurial model of publishing that promotes transgressive thinking. His next collection is Hung Jury: Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transsexual Men (Forthcoming: Transgress Press, June 2012)

25.5. | 10:00 | HU Berlin | Open lecture: Elana Dykewomon: Making a way where no words for the way exist

The lecture will investigate critical writing practices with a feminist focus on dyke_transgressive locations and relationships. It engages the possibilities/problems of language disruption in sexist/racist society and within dyke communities. How can linguistic practices be used, appropriated, re_assigned, re_signified and how can utopian linguistic spaces be created? Elana Dykewomon will examine how theoretical positions work out in practical application and the problems of how current states of destabilization (economic, political, emotional) create difficult climates for radical re_invention.

Elana Dykewomon has been a cultural worker and social justice activist for over forty years. She has published numerous critical essays and seven creative books foregrounding lesbian life, including the award winning Beyond the Pale (Sarahs Töchter). Elana Dykewomon was an editor of the international lesbian journal of arts & politics, Sinister Wisdom, for seven years and now offers private writing classes and editing through www.dykewomon.org.

26.5. | 10:00 | HU Berlin | Open lecture: Dean Spade: Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law

Groups facing violence and marginalization are often encouraged to seek redress through law. Critical legal scholarship and social movements have questioned this strategy, exposing the limitations and pitfalls of rights frameworks. How should trans politics engage with this dilemma? How are legal reform strategies, like hate crime laws and anti-discrimination laws, being used by trans activists? What other approaches to law reforms are possible for trans politics? How can our resistance address the significant violence that trans people face in legal systems such as policing, prisons, and immigration enforcement? This presentation will address these questions and offer ideas and models for critical engagement with law reform as a part of trans resistance, especially focusing on how commitments to racial and economic justice can inform such engagement.

Dean Spade is an Assistant Professor at Seattle University School of Law and teaches Administrative Law, Poverty Law, Law and Social Movements and Critical Perspectives on Transgender Law. In 2002, Dean founded the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a non-profit law collective that provides free legal services to transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming people who are low-income and/or people of color. While working at SRLP, Dean also taught classes focusing on sexual orientation, gender identity and law at Columbia and Harvard Law Schools. www.deanspade.net

27.5. | 17:00 | Südblock | Presentation and Discussion: Şevval Kılıç: Trans-Sexwork and police repression in Istanbul

Turkey has a very high rate of trans murders (25 have been reported since 2008). Although homo/transsexuality is not technically criminalized by law, systematic violence against LGBT people is widespread. Police officials get extra credit when they fine trans ipeople; the law/criminal justice system doesn’t work for but against trans people by making them targets instead of taking the violence and murders of trans people seriously. Nevertheless, LGBT movement in Turkey gains power and visibility against oppression each year. As police and state repression increases in tandem with conservative neo-liberal goverment, the trans movement also grows and gets stronger.

This presentation interconnects forms of violence against trans people, focusing on the situation of trans-sexworkers in İstanbul and the ways they organize against current and ongoing police repression.
Şevval Kılıç is an activist of İstanbul LGBT Association and one of the main organizers of İstanbul Trans Pride.
The event will be in English with Turkish and German whisper translation.

27.5. | 17:00 | Südblock | Sunum/Söyleşi: Şevval Kılıç: Trans-Seks İşçiliği ve İstanbul’da polis şiddeti
Türkiye‘de Trans nefret cinayetleri çok yaygın. 2008’den bu yana 25 civarında cinayet rapor edildi. Eşcinsellik ya da Transseksüellik yasal olarak suç olmasa da LGBT bireylere yönelik sistematik şiddet oldukça yaygın. Trans bireylere ceza kesen polis memurları Polis Vazife ve Selahiyet Kanunu’na göre ekstra puan kazanıyor, katiller tahrik indirimlerinden yararlanıyor… Bütün bunlara rağmen Türkiye LGBT hareketi baskılara karşı her yıl güçleniyor ve daha fazla görünülük kazanıyor. Polis ve devlet baskısı muhafazakar neo-liberal hükümetle beraber giderek artsa da, Trans hareketi de büyüyüp güçlenmeye devam ediyor.

Bu sunum/söyleşi’de İstanbul’daki trans seks işçileri üzerinden trans bireylerin maruz kaldıkları şiddet ve süregelen polis baskılarına karşı nasıl örgütlendikleri
hakkında konuşacağız. Şevval Kılıç, İstanbul LGBT Dayanışma Derneği gönüllüsü ve İstanbul Trans Pride organizatörlerinden.

*Sunum İngilizce dilinde olup isteyenler için Türkçe çeviri yapılacaktır.

27.5. | 17:00 | Südblock | Inputvortrag und Diskussion: Şevval Kılıç: Trans-Sexwork and police repression in Istanbul
Die Türkei hat eine sehr hohe Mordrate an Trans-Personen (seit 2008 wurden 25 Morde gemeldet). Obwohl Homo/Transsexualität rechtlich nicht kriminalisiert werden, ist systematische Gewalt gegen LGBT Personen weit verbreitet. Polizeibeamte bekommen extra Ansehen/Beförderungen, wenn sie Trans-Personen eine Bußgeldstrafe auferlegen. Das Justizsystem arbeitet nicht für, sondern gegen Trans-Personen, da diese zur Zielscheibe gemacht werden anstatt die Gewalt und Morde an Trans-Personen ernst zu nehmen. Nichtsdestotrotz gewinnt die LBGT-Bewegung in der Türkei jedes Jahr an Stärke und Sichtbarkeit gegen die Unterdrückungen. So, wie die Polizei- und Staatsrepressionen im Tandem mit konservativen neoliberalen Regierungen zunehmen, wächst auch die Trans-Bewegung und gewinnt an Kraft
Dieser Vortrag verbindet unterschiedliche Formen von Gewalt gegen Trans-Personen und legt den Fokus dabei auf die Situationen von Trans-Sexarbeiter_innen in Istanbul sowie ihre Organisierung gegen gegenwärtige und anhaltende Polizeirepressionen. Şevval Kılıç ist eine Aktivist_in der İstanbul LGBT Association und eine der Hauptorganisator_innen der İstanbul.
Die Veranstaltung ist in englisch mit türkischer und deutscher Flüsterübersetzung.

Presentations will be held in English, but we try to organize d.i.y-whisper-translation in German and Turkish for the presentations. All locations are wheelchair-accessible.“