23.-29.5. | Galerie Funke | Willibald-Alexis-Str. 13/14

23.5. | 18h | opening night with performances, life acts and dj-set
24.5. – 28.5. | open daily | 16-20h
29.5. | 13-20h | closing day

to dyke trans | dis_visualizing re_locating de_silencing |

The exhibition presents artistic contributions to dyke_trans production and perception of politics and positionings. The exhibition is meant to open up spaces to dyke_trans different images, perceptions, forms of verbalizations and to put them into interactions with each other. It is an important starting point to offer different feminist perspectives on a questioning of two-gender-norms and, as a further consequence on this, a questioning of cis-gender-, reprogender- and heterogender-norms and how they are interconnected with each other on different levels of production and perception.

Participating artists | Zanele Muholi | Claude Cahun | Elisha Lim | Coco Riot | Goodyn Green | Anja Weber | Justin Time | Layla Zami | Lann Hornscheidt | Rae Spoon |

| photographics |
anja weber, claude cahun, goodyn green,
justin time, layla zami, zanele muholi

| paintings and graffity |
elisha lim, nancy rohde

| videos and films |
coco riot_elisha lim, layla zami_lann hornscheidt, rae spoon

| multimedia |
coco riot_elisha lim

| podcasts |
ja’n sammla

ATTENTION: Except for the toilet the exhibition rooms are wheelchair accessible.