This seven-day lab, consisting of workshops, a lecture series, an artistic exhibition and a party is meant to initiate an exchange of different people coming from various fields of knowledge production theorizing and organizing trans politics and different positionings within power relations.

It is the aim to start discussions and to come to know different perspectives of politics and organizing which are connected to different daily living realities, necessities and struggles embedded in various social positionings of trans* and politics of locations. The interdependency of multiple discriminations and violence play a central role for all topics, events and approaches in this lab.

The whole event is meant to engage in new forms of communication, to connect different activists, organizations and institutions which want to work against discrimination, to exchange academic, political and artistic perspectives, and by that hope to enhance and deepen critical knowledge productions and politics about trans*_.

Presentations and workhops will be held in English, but we try to organize d.i.y-whisper-translation in German and Turkish for the presentations.
Apart from the workshop on Thursday at Gladt all locations are wheelchair-accessible.