transgenderradio about the lab

sancho from transgenderradio berlin talked to lann hornscheidt about the lab.

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the videos of the open lectures are online!

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lecture by trystan cotton, may 24th 2012

lecture by elana dykewomon, may 25th 2012

Elana Dykewomon – Open Lecture from trans_forming on Vimeo.

lecture by dean spade, may 26th 2012

Dean Spade – Open Lecture from trans_forming on Vimeo.

presentation by şevval kılıç, may 27th 2012

Şevval Kılıç – Open lecture from trans_forming on Vimeo.


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TODAY: open lecture – dean spade

26.5. | 10:00 | HU Berlin | Open lecture: Dean Spade: Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law

see you there!

TODAY: open lecture – elana dykewomon

25.5. | 10:00 | HU Berlin | Open lecture: Elana Dykewomon: Making a way where no words for the way exist

The lecture will investigate critical writing practices with a feminist focus on dyke_transgressive locations and relationships. It engages the possibilities/problems of language disruption in sexist/racist society and within dyke communities. How can linguistic practices be used, appropriated, re_assigned, re_signified and how can utopian linguistic spaces be created? Elana Dykewomon will examine how theoretical positions work out in practical application and the problems of how current states of destabilization (economic, political, emotional) create difficult climates for radical re_invention.